LRA Foundation Scholarship Students

LRA Memorial Day Meeting – May 26, 2019

Eleven, wonderful, new Lake Rabun Scholars attended the LRA meeting and were introduced to members.  

2019 Scholarship Recipients (L-R): Katie Cox, Guy Gober, Allen Hughes, Ethan Jones, Kacper Kuzimsko, Chandler Lowe,

Pedro Silva, Annalese Starzec, Elizabeth Walrod, Sydney Watts, Collin Welborn.  

Back Row: Laura Rhodes, Anne Pledger

In 1987 the LRA established a donor advised Fund which is known today as The Lake Rabun Foundation.  During the past 32 years over $1,000,000 has been provided for scholarships to 173 Rabun County students.  In 2019 more than $90,000 will be directed to scholarship assistance.  The Foundation is supported by an Annual Fund and by many events on the lake such as Local on the Lake, the Tour of Homes and the Rabun Ramble.  Contributions to the Scholarship Fund should be sent to: Lake Rabun Foundation, P.O. Box 114, Lakemont, GA 30552.  Checks should be payable to: NGCF - Lake Rabun Fund.

In 2019, the Lake Rabun Foundation increased the amount of the scholarships from $8,000 to $10,000 -- $2,500 a year for four years.  Thanks to your generous support, we are making a difference in the lives of these students.

The Lake Rabun Fund is a Fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Scholarship Recipient Year School
Katie Cox 2019 Wagner College
Guy Gober 2019 University of Georgia
Allen Hughes 2019 University of Georgia
Ethan Jones 2019 Young Harris College
Kacper Kuzimski 2019 University of North Georgia
Chandler Lowe 2019 Piedmont College
Pedro Silva 2019 University of Georgia
Annalese Starzec 2019 University of Alabama
Elizabeth Walrod 2019 Berry College
Sydney Watts 2019 Truitt McConnell College
Collin Welborn 2019 Abraham Baldwin College
Haley Betke 2018 University of Georgia
Megan Burrell 2018 Young Harris
Lindsay Caudell 2018 University of Georgia
Autumn Dixon 2018 University of  North Georgia
Kimberly Dolan 2018 University of Georgia
Josie Earnhardt 2018 Hiram College
April Gosnell 2018 North Georgia Technical College 
Susanna Grafton 2018 Kennesaw State University
Taylor Grimmett 2018  University of Georgia
Perryn Morgan 2018 Piedmont College
Daisy Rios-Ramos 2018 University of Georgia
Justin Wilkes 2018 Piedmont College
Joy Wilson 2018 North Georgia Technical College
Peyton Backer 2017 Georgia Southern University
Kelsey Becker 2017 Georgia Institute of Technology
Abbie Cox  2017 Agnes Scott College
Summer Fountain  2017 Georgia College and State University
Halle Fowler  2017 Brown University
Jonathan Gardner  2017 Emerson College
Tessa Matheson  2017 University of North Georgia
Parker Moore  2017 Georgia Southern University
Sara Panico  2017 University of Georgia
Jessica Phillips  2017 Piedmont College
Brooke Anne Roland  2017 Young Harris College
Anna West  2017 University of Georgia
Daniel Jackson  2017 University of North Georgia
Logan Black 2016 Kennesaw State University
Carlina Caro 2016 University of Georgia
Resa Carroll 2016 Georgia Tech
Adamari Diaz 2016 Young Harris College
Eli Gipson 2016 Piedmont College
Moranel Gober 2016 University of Georgia
Ashley Marchman 2016 Young Harris College
Helena Phillips 2016 University of Georgia
Bradley Pruitt 2016 University of Georgia
Bethany Streible 2016 University of Georgia
Kristen Woodall 2016 University of North Georgia
Kim Alley 2016 Piedmont College
Drew Becker 2015 University of North Georgia
Alec Clements 2015 University of North Georgia
Siri Hill 2015 Texas A&M University
Reed Mashburn 2015 Piedmont College
Charlie Olson 2015 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Cherokee Perkins 2015 University of North Georgia
Elizabeth Sprinkle 2015 University of Georgia
Emily Thompson 2015 Young Harris College
Sam Black 2014 University of North Georgia
Kortney Flory 2014 North Georgia Tech
Andrew Foster 2014 Mars Hill University
Jose Ortiz 2014 Oglethorpe University
Jesse Owens 2014 University of North Georgia
Ethan Phillips 2014 University of North Georgia
Victoria Phillips 2014 University of Georgia
Sarah Sullivan 2014 University of North Georgia
Klarissa Talley 2014 North Georgia Tech
John Tollison 2014 North Georgia Tech
Robert Dills 2013 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Shannon Dunlap 2013 North Georgia Tech
Jonathan Frye 2013 Mercer
Emily Goodhart 2013 University of Georgia
Haily Hunter 2013 Piedmont College
Katie Lunsford 2013 University of Georgia
John Stafford 2013 Georgia Tech
Haily Hunter 2013 Piedmont College
Katie Lunsford 2013 University of Georgia
Jonathan Frye 2013 Mercer
Sarah Welch 2013 North GA College & State
Emily Goodhart 2013 University of Georgia
Eli Black 2012 Georgia Tech
Rocki Forester 2012 North GA College & State
Lauren Lyons 2012 University of the South Sewanee
Kim Machuca 2012 Queens College
Arti Patel 2012 Mercer University
Walter Pigford 2012 Armstrong Atlantic State
Nikki Sheriff 2012 North GA College & State
Amanda Speed 2012 Technical-Graphic Design
Julianna Butler 2011 North Greenville University
Tyler Dale 2011 University of Georgia
Georgia Gober 2011 North GA College & State
Cameron Lovell 2011 University of Georgia
Viral Patel 2011 Georgia Tech
Jade Smith 2011 Young Harris College
Nathan Wayne 2010 UGA
Alex Owens 2010 UGA
Sierra Miller 2010 Georgia College & State University
Christopher Sidey 2010 Citadel
Brittany VanBrackle 2010 Gainesville State College
Marisela Ruiz Mendoza 2010 Georgia College & State University
Kathryn Gurtler 2010 Piedmont College
Casi Best 2009 Piedmont College
Morgan Gantt 2009 University of Georgia
Casey Ricks 2009 Georgia Southern
William Prater 2009 Emory at Oxford
Samantha Fountain 2009 Piedmont College
Jesse Toller 2009 University of Georgia
Keri Cannon 2008 University of Georgia
Logan Nichols 2008 Devry University
Bonnie Owens 2008 North Georgia Tech
Hayley Sherriff 2008 Piedmont College
Claire Bleckley 2008 University of Georgia
Heather York 2008 North Georgia College
Daniel Mark Wilson 2007 University of Georgia
Hallie Porter 2007 Truett McConnell College
Horacio Guendulain 2007 Vanderbilt
James Shope 2007 Oxford College of Emory
Lauren Elizabeth Ricks 2007 Emmanuel College
Lauren Renee Elliott 2007 North Georgia College
Beth Pruitt 2006 Young Harris
Blair Hope Elliott 2006 Brigham Young
Brandon Wood 2006 Hampden Sydney
Cari Lynn Westbrook 2006 Emory
Laina Chastain 2006 Ga. State
Sarah Adams 2006 Clemson
Jasmine Howard 2006 University of Georgia
Brent Gipson 2005 N. Georgia College
Bridget Elliott 2005 Brigham Young
Justin Coally 2005 Truitt-McConnell
Kyle Wiggins Rowan 2005 Elon University
Maria Akles 2005 Georgia Southwestern
Matt Chamblee 2005 Young Harris
Michael Cabe 2005 UGA
Rachel Woerner 2005 Gainesville College
Christina Latina 2004 Savannah College A & D
Doug Porter 2004 Cumberland College
Gabriel Vega 2004 Georgia Tech
Jodi Gragg 2004 Gainesville College
Rebecca Neff 2004 N. Georgia College
Amanda Dickerson 2003 Berry College
Amy Wilson 2003 North Georgia College
Cody Stockton 2003 Truitt-McConnell
Holly Elliott 2003 Brigham Young University
Samantha Tyler 2003 Young Harris College
Brad Speed 2002 University of Georgia
Heather Littrell 2002 Piedmont College
Keri Crawford 2002 Montana State
Megan Larson 2002 Mercer University
Casey O'Neal 2001 Piedmont College
Jordon Elliot 2001 N. Georgia College
Mandy Howard 2001 University of Georgia
Sam Wilson 2001 N. Georgia College
April Carter 2000 N. Georgia College
James Lee 2000 University of Georgia
Jekka Ward 2000 Mercer University
Mathew Cabe 2000 Clemson University
Josh Addis 1999 N. Georgia College
Ryan English 1999 Gainesville College
Veronica Morrison 1999 Young Harris College
Vickie Shope 1999 W. Georgia University
Chris Binne 1998 University of Georgia
Kristie Kilby 1998 Berry College
Kristin Barlow 1998 Emory at Oxford
Jennifer Bedingfield 1997 S. Georgia College
Jennifer Wilburn 1997 N. Georgia College
Carrie Andrews 1996 N. Georgia College
Summer Concannon 1996 Berry College
Angela Birr 1995 University of Georgia
Zachary Koenig 1995 Georgia Tech
Chasity Grant 1994 Berea College
April Shirley 1993 N. Georgia College
Susan Shirley 1993 N. Georgia College
Jenny Lincoln 1992 Emory at Oxford
Jerry Robinson 1991 Southern Tech
Tara Webster 1990 University of Georgia
April Nichols 1989 University of Georgia
Tonia Kelly 1989 Georgia Tech
Stanley Beasley 1988 Piedmont College
Melanie Deitz 1987 Berry College


The Lake Rabun Fund is a Fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


The Lake Rabun Fund is a Fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.