Connections Program

Lake Rabun College Scholarship Connection Program

I am honored to be replacing Nan Troutman as Connections Chair as she is stepping down as her demands for her private tutoring practice have increased.  The Connections Program was established a few years ago as a means for a Lake Rabun individual or family to create a support system and mentoring opportunity for our scholarship students during their academic journey. It’s a way for the student to have a cheerleader and friend to boost their confidence rather than coming from a parent or former teacher.   More importantly, It's an attempt to establish a relationship with each other so that our students don't see this scholarship as just a mere check sent to their college.  In addition, we try to match the students and their proposed major, career interest, hobbies, personality or needs with someone on the lake with a similar background or experience.  I’ve recently touched base with our Connection families to see how our program is working and here are some responses: 

“She is a delight, in her first year at UGA, and working hard. She and I email sporadically and have met in Clayton for lunch, which was very enjoyable , and we’ll do that again when she is out of school for the summer. All in all , I think the LRA mentoring program is great not only for the students, but for us as well!”

I do love seeing the students involved in Lake events!  Being a Connection person, it’s a wonderful experience that I would recommend to others.”


“I would consider us good friends-we share common interests and I make the time and effort in getting to know him and spend time with him.”


“I keep in touch with her via Instagram, email, and text.  We communicate about every two months and I enjoy hearing about her time at UGA, internships, and summer jobs.  We meet in person in Clayton or Lakemont for coffee or lunch to catch up when she’s out of school.”


“We exchange emails with her every few months and meet her for lunch about once a quarter. We’ve enjoyed getting to know her. She’s very self-directed and doesn’t need much from us to stay on track.”


“It has been a very positive experience for me.  Having only one son, I missed the experience of having a daughter. Because of my student, I have a snippet of that experience and it has been meaningful to me.”


We will be awarding 11 new scholarships this Spring and I will be working  hard to match them appropriately with our lake members.  If you would like to be involved with the Connections Program, please contact me at or 404-202-1803.

Laura Rhodes



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