Foundation Newsletter

FALL 2018

The Lake Rabun Foundation (LRF) is committed to providing more timely updates to LRA members on “who we are and what we do”.  I am Dick Newkirk, currently serving on the LRF board, 40 years on the lake, and 8 years as a Lakemont resident. It is my privilege to serve as the “town crier” for the LRF in conjunction with Steve Raeber and the other board members.


On Monday October 29th the North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) honored the LRA with its Leadership In Philanthropy Award and Chris Clay with its Young Philanthropist Award. The NGCF created two videos that were presented at the dinner which can be accessed by going to and clicking on “Celebration of Community”. An additional Vimeo of comments from several of our scholarship students can be viewed at As you watch the videos remember that every LRA member shares in the accomplishments so generously attributed.

This event, in addition to honoring the LRA and Chris, provided the opportunity to truly celebrate the philanthropic community in Rabun County and all the support that the LRA provides.

Of the 250 attendees over 100 were LRA members and additionally the LRF sponsored many representatives from the charitable organizations we support. Also attending were Rabun County representatives from both the public and private schools, several county commissioners, economic development representatives, law enforcement and firefighter officials, plus members of the local press, and former Lake Rabun scholarship recipients.

It is difficult to imagine an event that could more perfectly capture what the LRA and LRF are all about. Equally gratifying was the appreciation that Rabun County leaders expressed for all that the LRA has done over the years for students and the counties underserved. Thanks to the NGCF for the accolades and wonderful evening and thanks to the LRA for its exceptional volunteerism.


There are frequently questions asked about the form, function, and inter-action of the LRA, LRF, and NGCF...especially from new members. So to provide a brief synopsis:

The Lake Rabun Association (LRA) was originally founded in the early 1920’s and resurrected and refined to its current structure throughout the 70’s and 80’s. While coordinating and sponsoring social and fund-raising events the LRA provides many other services to our lake community.  Annual dues and minimal event charges fund most operating expenses but the LRA’s fund raising engine (Rabun Ramble, Home Tour, Flea Markets, Auctions, cookbooks etc...) is geared toward funding the Lake Rabun Foundation. The LRA is led by a group of officers who progress through the chairs and trustees who serve three-year terms.

The Lake Rabun Foundation (LRF)was founded in 1987 and under the leadership of Buz Stone and more recently Steve Raeber has focused on providing college scholarships for Rabun County high school students and funding numerous charitable organizations throughout the county. The LRF is funded by contributions from the LRA’s fundraisers and its yearly Annual Fund campaign. It is managed by an executive director and a rotating board of directors.

The North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) supports non-profit organizations and donors by building, preserving, and distributing philanthropic assets which enhance the community and quality of life in our community. The NGCF manages the LRF’s investments, co-ordinates the funding of scholarships and charitable grants, and assures that all transactions including fund disbursements are fully IRS compliant.


New tax laws for 2018 may encourage you to reconsider your charitable giving strategies to include directing up to $100,000 per year from your IRA account to charity if you are over 70 ½ years old. This would eliminate or reduce taxes on your required minimum distribution. Be sure to consult your tax adviser before year end about how the new tax laws could provide tax benefits while supporting the Lake Rabun Foundation.


The LRF actively solicits any suggestions or comments on topics of interest from our LRA membership. We are available to answer questions or provide further volunteer opportunities to any LRA member. Please look for the Annual Fund letter from Steve in the mail soon and thank you in advance for your support.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Holiday Season.

The Lake Rabun Fund is a Fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.