Lake Rabun Foundation News


Scholarship News

Last year 11 Rabun County students were selected to receive college scholarship assistance. This is the most ever awarded in a single year. Each of these scholarships is valued at $8,000 over a four year period. Since the inception of the LRF Scholarship program more than 140 students have been provided college scholarship assistance.

In 2017, $65,000 has been budgeted for college scholarship assistance.


The Untold Scholarship Story

Each year there is an arduous 3 day process of consulting with counselors and teachers, followed by student interviews to select LRF scholarship students. The selection committees focus on student achievement, character and NEED. The need factor is the one which is heavily weighted in the selection process. What cannot be announced when introducing the scholarship students are the family situations. – a disabled father, a deceased parent, a special needs sibling. The LRA evaluators are in awe of what some of these students achieve, and their positive attitudes, in the face of tremendous challenges.


Connections Program

Every Lake Rabun Scholar has been assigned a “connections person” who is an LRA member. This enables the scholarship committee to keep up with our scholars and their progress. More important, friendships develop and our Rabun Scholars come to know LRA members as caring people and good neighbors in the Rabun community. Contact Nan Troutman if you would like to be involved.


Community Outreach

Last year grants of more than $34,000 were made to an array of Rabun charities and organizations. The main focus is on education (4 schools, the library, early childhood literacy), child welfare (FAITH, CASA, Little League, Richard’s Kids, camp scholarships), food ministries (Food-2-kids, Food-4-tots, the Food Bank Mountain Branch, Rabun Christian Ministry), and various outreach programs (Community Pantry, Community Partnership). Additional grants were made to assist local churches with their programs to assist those in needs. Along with many LRA members, a grant was made to assist the fire fighters who battled the forest fires.


A History of Generosity

Since establishing what is now the Lake Rabun Foundation in 1987, the Foundation has contributed more than $1,400,000 in scholarship assistance and community outreach grants in Rabun County.

The Lake Rabun Fund is a Fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.