Lake Rabun Foundation News

Foundation Focus

We mourn the passing of Larry Prince who was a trustee of the foundation and a generous supporter. Larry was a board member of some of Atlanta’s largest corporations and most respected foundations. He took the time to lend his wisdom and insight to the development of the Lake Rabun Foundation.

Thanks to Nan Troutman for leading the reorganization of the Scholarship Connections Program. With Nan’s energy and leadership, the program has encouraged much greater levels of communications with our scholarship students. Due to business obligations Nan is stepping down from this role.

I am pleased that Laura Rhodes has agreed to take the reins of the Scholarship Connections program. Laura has served as an officer of the LRA for the past five years. She and Greg have worked with two of our scholarship students in the Connections program, so she is very familiar with the program. Laura will also become a permanent member of the Scholarship Committee.

Foundation Board member, Dick Newkirk, will be publishing periodic news and updates about the Lake Rabun Foundation. This is an effort to help LRA members become more familiar with the mission of the foundation and its work in the community on behalf of LRA members.

Lake Rabun Scholarships Increased to $10,000

Beginning with the 2019 class, each LRA scholarship recipient will be eligible to receive $2500 each year for 4 years of college. This is possible thanks to the generosity of LRA members in supporting the annual fund, various fund-raising events and the sale of cookbooks and merchandise. We hope to assist approximately 40 Rabun students each year.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of the Lake Rabun Foundation’s annual budget. Your gift to the Annual Fund sends a clear message that you support the mission of the Foundation to provide scholarship assistance and charitable grants throughout Rabun County.

Remittance envelopes are enclosed. Also, if you are 70 ½ or older you might consider making a charitable contribution from your IRA. This allows you to meet your annual RMD without adding to taxable income.

Planned Gifts

A growing number of LRA members have included the Lake Rabun Foundation in their estate planning. There are a variety of ways this can be structured. Planned gifts will provide for the viability of the Lake Rabun Foundation for future years. Please contact Greg Rhodes for information.

Community Outreach

Last year grants totaling nearly $45,000 were made to an array of Rabun County charities and organizations. These grants tend to be related to EDUCATION (grants to 5 schools, the children’s library, early childhood literacy, Foxfire),CHILD WELFARE (FAITH, CASA, Little League, Richard’s Kids, summer camp scholarships),FOOD MINISTRIES (The Mountain Branch of the NE Georgia Food Bank, Food -2- Kids, Rabun Christian Ministry) , and various outreach programs such as Habitat, the Community Pantry and the Community Partnership. Additional grants were made to local churches to assist with their outreach programs.

The Lake Rabun Fund is a Fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.