Whippoorwill Award



Bob Pledger (left)

Anne Pledger (right)

2019 Whippoorwill Award Winners


Lake Rabun Association, Inc.

Whippoorwill Award

Recipients & Criteria


The Whippoorwill Award is presented each year to an LRA member who has demonstrated his/her love for Lake Rabun by many years of service to and involvement in lake activities, showing a spirit of volunteerism, and has not necessarily been recognized for his/her contributions.


The list of Whippoorwill Award recipients who have been so honored is listed below.


1991     Stuart Witham                                      2007     Dave and Jeanne Cowan

1992     Herta Schartle                                      2008     Charlie Arp

1993     Winnie Brown                                       2009     Felicia Lease

1994     Roses Longino                                     2010     Penny Burkitt Marshall

1995     Ben Noble                                            2011     Kirk Knous

1996     Lib Kennedy                                         2012     Libby Mathews

1997     Patty Gray                                            2013     Rick Asbill

1998     Clayton Rich                                         2014     Mike Swink

1999     Buz Stone                                             2015     Marie Brownlow

2000     Jack King                                              2016     Steve Raeber

2001     Betty R. Moore   2017      Barbara Roper

2002     Joe Hamilton                                        2018      Bob Voyles

2003     Jean Sheldon   2019      Anne Pledger & Bob Pledger

2004     Jim Funk

2005     Carol Raeber

2006     Denny & Ann Webb



Whippoorwill Award Nomination Form


Nominations must be received by August 1



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