Whippoorsnapper Award
Whipoorsnapper Award



2019 Whippoorsnapper Award Winner

Emily Thompson

A new award called the Whippoorsnapper Award is proposed to recognize and encourage the contributions and volunteer efforts to our Lake Rabun Community by a deserving young person. Fashioned after the Whippoorwill Award, which recognizes long term volunteer service, the Whippoorsnapper Award gives credit to the next generation which is starting volunteer activity on the lake. Be it lake clean-up, event participation, water safety, technical skills, recruitment, or committee work, a Whippoorsnapper personifies the spirit of giving and character of an up-and-coming member (and potentially a future Whippoorwill). This award will shine light on and give credit to our many young people who will carry the torch for the future of our organization.


    • An individual who is an ambassador in promoting the Mission Statement and goals of the LRA.   

    • An individual who steps up willingly to facilitate efforts by the LRA and has volunteered or assisted with multiple events or committees for a minimum of 2 years.  

    • An individual who exhibits character, willingness, energy, and displays positive role modeling for others in his/her peer group. 

    • An individual who is a problem solver and communicates ideas thoughtfully.  

Past Whippoorsnapper Winners:

2018 Forrest Kennedy

The Whippoorsnapper Award will be announced at Labor Day meetings. Nominations will be taken from the lake community in the same fashion that the Whippoorwill Award is chosen. This may or may not be an annual award.

Please send nominations and a list of qualifying criteria, no later than August 1st to: Mike Swink at liftntote@bellsouth.net or mail to P.O. Box 157, Lakemont, GA 30552. 

Forms are available at www.lakerabun.org.


Whippoorsnapper Application Form


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