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Membership Dues 2013

Haven't paid your dues for 2013? In order to be included in the Membership Directory to be printed shortly, please mail your $250 check now to the Lake Rabun Association, PO Box 490, Lakemont, GA 30552.

Save Your Hemlocks

Saving our hemlocks is critical to the aesthetics of our lake and mountain environment by providing the habitat that supports wildlife, many species of plants, our water quality, the economic value of our own property and the north Georgia community which is dependent on tourism spending to create jobs.  Think about your property, your neighbor’s property, our Lake Rabunsurroundings and shoreline, the northeast Georgia mountains andimagine them with no Hemlocks.  What a tragedy!   We do not want to become a North Carolina or Virginia where the Hemlocks have been virtually destroyed because people did not recognize the problem soon enough and then delayed taking action.

Approximately 75% of Georgia’s Hemlocks are located on private property.  It is critical that we take action now on our respective properties to preserve the Hemlocks.  Treating the Hemlocks can be done very easily and cost effectively relative to losing property value estimated at 7% to 10% due to the loss of Hemlocks or the cost of removing dead trees.  See our LRA web site and resources available at LRA Hemlock Program to provide guidance and alternatives to save your Hemlocks.


West Rabun Property Owner's Association

Want to promote good government in Rabun County and stay abreast of "quality of life" issues?  Click here to read about the West Rabun Property Owner's Association (WRPO).  Current members - it's renewal time; prospective members - all information is on our website.  Only $12 / year.  This is great work that affects us one and all. 

Voter registration in Rabun County  

Never has there been a time when it is more important for us to be registered and united in RabunCounty.  By any measure, this is a critical time for the future prosperity of both the lake communities and Rabun County as a whole.  We need reasoned, proactive leadership that recognizes and protects the resources so prevalent in Rabun County.  Please insure at least one member of your family is registered to vote in Rabun County.

Click here to register to vote in Rabun County. 

Alan and Marlee Price are spearheading our efforts to significantly increase the number of LRA members who vote in Rabun County and we thank you and them for this most important effort.  

Lake Rabun Association, Inc. (LRA) is a nonprofit, social welfare organization dedicated to nurturing the beauty, serenity and quality of life on and around Lake Rabun.