LRA Officers

Officers 2017

John WilliamsPresident          

Sandy O'Brien Vice President      

Ruddy Deas – Secretary/Treasurer

Anita Pittman – CFO


Bob PledgerChairman

Laura Rhodes - Vice Chairman

Board of Trustees

Jennifer Adams(2)
Andrea Altholz (1)
Elizabeth Bitter (1)
Judy Cathey (3)
Chris Dunn (1)
Peter Fozzard (1)
Jud Graves (2)
Hollis McCracken (3)
Betty King (3)
Cherry Kinnunen (3)
Judson Laws (3)
Dee McElroy (1)
Helen McSwain (2)
Betsy Mixson (2)
Dick Newkirk (1)
Michele Persons (2)
Susan Lundeen Smith (2)
Max Steuer (1)
David Tatum (2)
Julie Taylor (3)
Gordon Van Mol (3)


( ) Years left to serve

LRA Foundation
Steve Raeber - Executive Director
Ron Hinson - Associate Director
Buz Stone - Director Emeritus


Lake Rabun Pavilion Co-chairs
Rick Asbill - Finance
Kirk Knous - Operations

Lake Rabun boasts some of the most interesting boat houses on all of the Rabun County lakes. Architects love the challenge of creating unique, yet appropriate boathouses.

Lake Rabun Association, Inc. (LRA) is a nonprofit, social welfare organization dedicated to nurturing the beauty, serenity and quality of life on and around Lake Rabun.