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Membership Renewal 2017

The upcoming membership year for the Lake Rabun Association runs from January 1 through December 31, 2017. Your $250 membership dues for 2017 will support the varied activities of the LRA and are due at this time. Dues paid after December 31, 2016 must include a late charge of $50, bringing the total amount due to $300.

Thank you for your participation and prompt attention to keeping your membership current. Please make your check payable to "Lake Rabun Association" and mail it to P.O. Box 490, Lakemont, GA 30552.

Alternatively, you can pay by credit card by clicking here.  Your Username and Password will be required.  If you don't have that information, please contact Clay Battle at claybattle@icloud.com and she can provide it to you.

Lake Rabun Fire Protection Services Update & Capital Campaign Status

LWVFD Fireboat Back in Service

The Lakemont-Wiley Volunteer Fire Department fireboat is back in service with a repaired outboard engine due to the joint efforts of Station 4 Captain John Murray and Ben McCracken at Rabun Boathouse. Ben was able to secure the necessary replacement powerhead for this 21 year old engine and get it installed in record time.

On Friday, November 25, 2016, the day after Thanksgiving, the fireboat was called into service for a brush fire between two homes on Tame Turkey Road. The fire started at the lakeshore and rapidly spread up the hill due to the extremely dry conditions and threatened two homes. With the fireboat’s help, the fire was extinguished and there was only minor damage to one home.

New Fireboat Capital Campaign

Thanks to those LRA members and partners who have already stepped up and sent their contributions to NGCF to help with the funding necessary to purchase a new fireboat with compliant pump capacity. We have received $20,300 from contributor families as of November 25 in the Lakemont Wiley Volunteer Fire Department Capital Campaign Fund. Additionally, we owe a great deal of gratitude to our partner the Georgia Power Foundation for their quick response to our fund raising campaign with a $25,000 grant. Thus our total to date is $45,300, 38% of our goal of $120,000. As year-end nears, please consider sending your tax deductible contributions.

In addition to soliciting contributions from our LRA members, we need your help to identify Lake Rabun residents that are not members of LRA. We would like to include them in this effort since they will also benefit from this initiative. You can help us by providing their names and home mailing addresses and/or email addresses so information can be sent to them or you can direct them to visit our web site at www.lakerabun.org to learn about this lake-wide need and campaign. The web site has the overview information on the home page and there is a link which provides detail information. These documents can be copied and printed for hand delivery to your non-LRA member neighbors. Please think about the lake resident neighbors on either side of you. Send us a list of the ones who are not members.

We are also making contact with other stakeholders such as Rabun County, insurance companies and other potential fund sources to solicit their financial support. If you have knowledge of possible funds sources, please provide their names and contact information.

Simultaneously, Capt. Murray is currently working with other County Fire Services officials to gain their support to help with funding. The specifications for the properly outfitted new fireboat which will meet our lake needs have also been completed.

Enhanced Fire Protection for Upper End of Lake

Early stage discussion is also underway regarding a way to expand and enhance fire protection services for the upper end of the lake. We are looking at various properties but we could use your help. Are you aware of suitable property for a potential site of a new fire station in this area? Eligible properties need road access for the fire truck or a combination of both road and lake access. Should a combination site be found and selected, it could house the existing fireboat and a pump compliant firetruck which could qualify the area it serves for the improved ISO rating of 5.

Help us help you and your neighbors!

* Let us know who your non-LRA lake resident neighbors are and how to contact them.

* Encourage your lake neighbors to do their part to support this campaign. Everyone on the lake will benefit from this enhanced level of fire protection.

* Give some thought to possible available sites for a new fire station and provide that information to us.

* Send your contributions now to support the purchase of a new compliant fireboat as soon as possible. Delivery can be as much as six months after an order is placed.

* You can support this capital fund campaign by contributing the one year difference between your insurance premium for a class 5 rating vs. a class 9 rating. Insurance premiums for a 9 rating can be as much as two to three times larger than a 5 rating insurance premium. Ask your insurance company what the difference will be. If we do not raise sufficient funds, you will then be paying that difference to your insurance company every year until we can purchase a compliant fireboat.



Contributions to the North Georgia Community Foundation which is a 501(C)(3) organization are deductible for federal and state income tax purposes as charitable contributions to the extent allowed by law. Checks should be payable to: North Georgia Community Foundation with LWVFD Capital Fund written on the memo line.

Contributions should be mailed to:

North Georgia Community Foundation

615 F Oak Street, Suite 1300

Gainesville, GA 30501


Neighbor information and possible site information should be provided to:

Bob Pledger

49 Pinto Lane

Lakemont, GA 30552

706-212-2833   bobpledger@windstream.net



Lake Rabun's Centennial Book & Living History DVD

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A true treasure to behold, the Centennial History of Lake Rabun is a work of art and a uniquely personal window into the heart of the people who have loved this special place for the last 100 years.

Interspersed with the most complete history of the lake yet attempted, are numerous memorable stories highlighting eras and points of reference that are uniquely Lakemont. This large coffee table book is one to cherish and to pass down to future generations.

The Living History Committee conducted 40 interviews with longtime residents about lake living in days gone by. The two, one-hour sessions on this fascinating DVD will have you and your friends laughing and tearing up as these remarkable stories are told.

We are offering a special $75.00 deal on the handsome leather covered Standard Edition and Living History DVD which originally sold for $105.   We are also offering a special on the Limited Edition book with the same handsome leather cover and a special linen jacketed slip cover that features beautiful old lake photographs.  The Limited Edition books contain our Living History DVD and are autographed by the authors.  This cost has been reduced from $140.00 to $100.  The cost of the DVD alone has been reduced from $20 to $15.00.  100% of the proceeds received from this sale will go directly to the Lake Rabun Fund at North Georgia Community Foundation.


CREDIT CARD ORDERS CAN BE PLACED ON THIS WEBSITE for both books and DVDs. Shipping costs will be added at the end of your transaction. Click here to place your order! 

CHECK AND CASH PURCHASES may be made at the following locations.



Crawford Art Gallery, N Main St, Clayton, GA

                Keller Furniture Store, 73 E Savannah St, Clayton, GA

                Timpson Creek Gallery, Hwy 76 W, Clayton, GA

            Lake Rabun Hotel, Lake Rabun Road, Lakemont, GA 


LIMITED EDITION AND STANDARD BOOKS & DVDs may be purchased from the following LRA members:


Barbara Roper - 335 Burns Lane Lakemont - 706-782-4682 or 404-312-2433

                Anne Pledger - 49 Pinto Lane Lakemont - 706-212-2833 or 706-982-9362

                Mary Cobb Stone - 84 Keystone Lane Lakemont - 706-782-5714 or 404-226-0942



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