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The upcoming membership year for the Lake Rabun Association runs from January 1 through December 31 2016.  Your $250 membership dues for 2016 will support the varied activities of the LRA and are due at this time.  Dues paid after December 31, 2015 must include a late charge of $50, bringing the total amount due to $300.

Thank you for your participation and prompt attention to keeping your membership current.  Please make your check payable to :

P.O. Box 490 Lakemont, GA 30552.  Alternatively, you can pay by credit card by clicking here.  Your Username and Password will be required.  If you don't have that information, please contact Clay Battle at claybattle@comcast.net and she can provide it to you.

Contibutions, gifts or dues to the Lake Rabun Association are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Lake Rabun - Georgia's Lake Como


AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AND PICK UP NOW! Click here for pickup or shipment only.

The long anticipated Centennial History of Lake Rabun is here!  The 280 page book is a literal feast for the eyes and contains a comprehensive history of Lake Rabun, or "Lakemont" as the "long-timers" call it.

The book begins with the rich history of Rabun County and parallels the growth of our state's capital city, Atlanta.  The 100 years are all thoughtfully treated, drawing on the rich resources gained by our Living History Committee led by Barbara Roper.  Barbara, along with Anne Pledger, Mary Cobb Stone, and others interviewed 40 of our residents and then followed up with extensive research at the Rabun County Courthouse, Rabun County Historical Society and Georgia Power Archives.  There is a wide variety of historical photos - most of which have been graciously donated by our community, and then scanned and catalogued by Helen McSwain.  Along with them is a beautiful collection of current photography showcasing the lake community today, much of which is also from our members.  Using all the resources that were gathered, Bob Voyles expertly wove the history of Lakemont into a seamless narration 

Interspersed with the most complete history of the lake yet attempted, are numerous memorable stories from our own members highlighting eras and points of reference that are uniquely Lakemont.  This large coffee table book is one to cherish and to pass down to future generations.

We have published only 2500 books in our first run, 2000 of which have a handsome leather cover and cost $85.00.  We are also offering a Limited Edition run of 500 with the same handsome leather cover and a special linen jacketed slip cover that features beautiful old lake photographs.  In addition the Limited Edition books contain our Living History DVD and are autographed by the authors.  The cost is $140.00.  

The caliber of this book is equal to or exceeds other high quality architectural books with which you are familiar.  A sample of the book showing representative pages is attached to this link.  100% of the net profits from this book will go directly to the Lake Rabun Foundation.

So click here to place your order!  And, remember your family, and future family and friends, who would love a special and unique keepsake of Lakemont.  Use it for Christmas and business gifts as well.  It will be an investment well worth making and benefit the surrounding community which we have enjoyed for so many years. 

Lake Rabun Living History Centennial DVD

To celebrate Lake Rabun’s 100th birthday, the Living History Committee has completed interviews with longtime residents about lake living in days gone by. There are two one hour sections on this fascinating DVD. The first section features lake residents reminiscing, music playing, historical photographs and even some old home movies recording aquaplaning, water skiing and hilarious water antics as well as narratives by long time lake lovers. Additionally, there is an hour long bonus section with fascinating colorful stories about happenings on the lake. The DVD would make an ideal companion piece to the standard edition Centennial Book costing $85.00. The cost of the DVD is $20.00 with all of the net profit going to the Foundation. The DVDs make great stocking stuffers and hostess gifts. And don’t forget Christmas is right around the corner. All your friends who have visited the lake through the years would love a copy. To pique your interest click here for a five minute preview. Enjoy!!!  Then click here to purchase the Living History DVD. 

If you have questions or need more information, contact Barbara Roper (H) 706-782-4682 or (c) 404-312-2433.


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